Vivid Atlantis

Vivid Atlantis


Many software packages do not have professionally produced learning resources that are accessible, engaging, and competitively priced.

Value Proposition

Provide a set of easy to use on demand learning resources for busy professionals.

Our Solution

We were active in the creation or adaptation of existing text based learning material and also consulted on the collation of high value professional educational content.

The next step was to source a team of video and graphic design professionals to create the high impact videos that formed the backbone of the learning material.

Finally, we developed the software that would power the integration of the content with dBanq and AENS in order to create a dynamic and flexible eLearning resource.

  • Year: 2015
  • Scope: Consulting, software development, multimedia production, and website design
  • Client: Vivid Atlantis
  • URL: