Mansion OS

Mansion OS


Business owners do not always know how busy they are going to be. So they generally purchase a server based on the maximum load they’d expect to get. This results in over investment and a lot of wasted money and idle compute capacity.

Value Proposition

For distributed apps, create an elastic server systems that can grow and shrink based on actual demand. For single server apps, provide an easy upgrade and downgrade facility allowing business users to easily change their server size based on easy to understand system metrics.

Our Solution

Our solution was to use cloud-based technologies to create metric enabled servers that would provide granular system intelligence.

Using continuous integration automation technology all servers are automatically kept up to date with the latest upgrades and security patches.

We combined commercial, open source, and internally developed software to provide a fully automated data gathering, billing, administration, and support system.

  • Year: 2015
  • Scope: Consulting, system architecture, software development, and website design
  • Client: Mansion OS
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